Bowenwork for Headache Relief

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Bowenwork for Headache Relief Tranquility Bowenwork Olympia WA

When I first started doing this work, I saw a lot of people who had headaches. I must admit, I was surprised at how effective Bowenwork is for headache relief.  Not only would clients report relief  on a short term basis, but they would rave about the fact that the headaches would be gone for weeks at a time.  One client had chronic tension headaches that did not return for several months.

I see this as testimony to your body’s ability to heal when given the chance–and Bowenwork is one of the most effective techniques for helping your body access its own healing power!



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In this video, one of my clients describes how effective Bowenwork was for her headache relief:


  1. As last resort went into to see Debbie for treatment of left hip. At this time I could not walk without discomfort. Explained my problem to Debbie who also then explained Bowen Therapy. I thought well if this works I will be surprised but I was ready to try anything other then surgery. After the 1st treatment I felt much better, still uncomfortable but much improved. After several treatments/sessions I can now walk up stairs without pian, walk for 2-3 miles and keep going.
    Thank you Debbie for a new me!

    • Thank you Kathy for the testimony. Bowenwork is really amazing and so is your body’s ability to heal when given the chance!

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