Bowenwork involves performing very precise, gentle movements on muscles and connective tissue. These gentle movements act as a catalyst to send powerful neurological impulses to the brain. The impulses stimulate whole brain responses, which address every system in the body – musculoskeletal structure as well as internal organs. In response, soft tissue tension is released, pain is relieved, and it’s very common that structural misalignments will right themselves without any force being used by the practitioner.

Bowenwork addresses the client as a whole person, rather than a collection of symptoms. The physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects of each person receiving Bowenwork will all respond as they are able. It is thought that because the whole brain is stimulated, the original, genetic pattern is re-awakened – the body remembers and restores its own healthy, natural balance.

Simply stated, Bowenwork allows the body to reset and heal itself.

What to Expect at Your Bowenwork Session

    • Allow one and a half hours for your first session and about an hour for follow-ups.
    • Wear or bring light-weight, loose fitting clothes that your practitioner can work through. Shorts and a tank top are great. Or you may choose to wear your underclothes and be professionally draped for modesty and comfort.
    • During your session, the practitioner will leave the room after each procedure in order to allow your body time to respond.
    • Following the session, some changes may be noticeable right away, such as reduced pain, greater range of motion, and a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.You may notice changes over the next several days as your body continues the process that began during your session. Sound sleep and increased energy are commonly reported. It is important to stay hydrated during this time. It is not uncommon to feel old injuries, memories, and pains begin to resurface. DO NOT suppress these sensations. This is a sign your body is beginning to heal at a deeper level and it will pass usually within a couple of days.
    • Take Daily walks to improve circulation and free joint restrictions.Rest and wait a week for your next session. All strenuous activity should be avoided that day of your treatment to give your body some time off. We always wait a week to do a follow-up session, except for athletes and those who are going through intense training.
    • Avoid other body therapies for several days after your session to ensure your body’s nervous system has no interruptions.
    • Often times, various stretches and exercises will be recommended to enhance and facilitate your healing. Healthy range of motion and movement in the musculo-skeletal system is also restored. This is an essential part of your care and will improve your results.
    • Your practitioner will determine your treatment plan during that first session. Your goals, current health, and response to the treatment, will dictate how many sessions are necessary. It is important you complete your treatment plan for the best results. And remember, sessions are scheduled no more than once a week.
    • Enjoy the transformation!