What Is Bowenwork?

What Is Bowenwork?  

Is Bowenwork right for you ? Most likely, YES !

  • Bowenwork is quite different from massage. It uses gentle, focused moves applied to small areas of the body, and is therefore safe where massage may be contraindicated.

  • Bowenwork is gentle and appropriate for all ages, lifestyles and stages of recovery.

  • Even those suffering from advanced illness can find relief from Bowenwork.

  • Bowenwork is safe for babies & children, pregnant women and those in compromised conditions.

  • Bowenwork, as provided by Tranquility Bowenwork, is the most intelligent solution we’ve found for Chronic Pain, Illness & Injury Treatment. The Bowen Technique embodies a truly holistic approach to healthcare, and a full-body response is almost always felt.

  • It is concerned not just with addressing specific conditions and symptoms, but also with encouraging a natural potential for health to express itself in every aspect of your life.

  • We are skilled and experienced practitioners, and we bring a touch of grace to the healing table

In this video, I demonstrate the use of Bowenwork for pain relief, especially in relation to scoliosis: